PlannedAssault is a web-based mission generator targeting large scale combined arms battles for the ArmA/Arma2 games and VBS2 simulators. PlannedAssault simplifies and automates most of the creation of large scale battles. In the generated mission, each unit is given their part of an overall plan, resulting in purposeful and realistic behavior at both squad and company level, with either NPCs or human participants.


PlannedAssault offers two kinds of accounts: free accounts for Arma/Arma II mission creation, and premium accounts for VBS2 mission generation. Premium accounts have priority for mission generation and are entitled to a number custom units and map selections, to better support specific training needs.

Free accounts are free, because they enables us to pilot new features and improvements. Free accounts also allow evaluation of VBS2 mission generation, albeit for a restricted set of units and two maps. Please contact for a premium account.

Position units and mission objectives using your browser...

... and be part a Delta Force team loaded on Little Birds

Watch the tutorial movie on Youtube

Mission creation with PlannedAssault is as simple as: Use your web browser to pick and place squads and platoons, set objectives and define the situation. Next, wait for PlannedAssault to generate the corresponding mission and download it. Then enjoy your large battle in any role you fancy!

[ArmaII gamer]: "Have just played through my first, extremely hastily thrown together mission but even that had an incredible and believable atmosphere I rarely find in missions. It really did feel like being part of a large battle where both sides had a clear plan and I was caught in the middle. I was absolutely gobsmacked when the OPFOR AI called in a fire mission on the centre of the village I was defending prior to their assault, even more so when a BLUFOR squad commander called in some [indirect fire] on an enemy position on a ridge."
[ArmaII gamer]: "I'm no noob when it comes to the [Arma2] editor but 5 minutes using this software has helped me make one of the most complete missions i've ever made in my arma2 history!"

VBS2 AS-90 platoon firing a pre-planned artillery mission

Watch the troop transport movie on Youtube

Coordinated advance of Bradley IFV and infantry

PlannedAssault missions have the following (generated) ingredients:

  • coordinated land maneuvers, with armor platoons and infantry squads advancing side by side in lanes
  • artillery missions from AI operated batteries, either pre-planned or dynamically invoked by the AI or called by the player
  • air strikes from AI or player operated aircraft, either pre-planned or dynamically invoked by the AI or called by the player
  • air landings (helicopter insertions, fast-ropes and para drops) with multiple aircraft delivering multiple squads in landing zones near the objective
  • flanking attacks, multiple pronged attacks and defensive counter-attacks
  • briefings and tasks for every unit on the player's side, clarifying the player's targets and larger plan
  • transport actions, with infantry fighting vehicles and trucks loading, moving and unloading multiple infantry squads
  • deployment of crew served weapons and camouflage nets (Arma2 only)

PlannedAssault's mission generator knows how to 'do' waypoints, triggers, script calls and briefings so you don't have to!

Infantry uses transports when possible

Your role is clarified by in-game task updates

Download your custom mission

To ease mission creation, PlannedAssault offers a large database of carefully configured squads, sections, batteries and platoons for the most popular Arma and ArmaII mods, and key VBS2 units.


PlannedAssault's mission generator is built on top of a preference based HTN planner working in 'plan-space', designed by William van der Sterren.

Armed Assault, ArmA2, ArmA2:Operation Arrowhead and ArmA2:Combined Operations are games by Bohemia Interactive. VBS2 is a a simulator by Bohemia Simulations. This site is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by Bohemia Interactive or Bohemia Simulations.

The PlannedAssault web-site uses the 'silk' and 'flags' icons by Mark James.