2014-01-22 Cold-war units (DDR/FRG vehicles, P'85 Sheridans and CWR2 US Rangers), and ambient civilians (Arma2CO) Zoom

Another addition to the Cold War unit database for mission planning: recent updates to several Cold War add-ons for Arma2* have been reflected in our database.

Both Vilas (for his Project85 units) and the CWR2 team added to their already extensive range of vehicles. Vilas added the M551 Sheridan tank, BTR-80 and recovery tanks. The CWR2 team added the US Rangers.


The real highlight, however, are Marseille77's re-textures of Vilas' German (FRG and DDR) vehicles, adding detail, late 1980's DDR camouflage patterns and vehicle signs, and FGR/DDR helicopters. See the screen shots below.

FRG Leopard 1A5 platoon (P85 retex) (Arma2)

FRG Marder 1A2 platoon in combat (P85 retex) (Arma2)

DDR BMP-1 advancing (P85 retex) (Arma2)

FRG Raketenjagdpanzer 4 Jaguar 2 (P85) (Arma2)

CWR2 US Rangers advancing (Arma2)

P85 M551 Sheridan tank in MERDC camo (Arma2)

Also new, and meant to spice your Arma2:CO missions are two "logic" modules, dealing with civilians and empty civilian vehicles being spawned around the player. These modules have been created by BI Studios (as ALICE/ALICE2 and SILVIE), and are supported by most maps but not all (in which case no civilians and vehicles are spawned). Although the presence of civilians adds a nice twist to battles (be sure you're not targeting a civilian!), the civilians aren't able to use the empty vehicles.


I've also restricted the amount of vehicles appearing, in order to not confuse AI convoys; the AI drivers make an excessive effort to avoid hitting empty vehicles, and slow down or may get stuck. Recommended!

(Scared) ambient civilian (Arma2)

DDR SPW-40P2 recon vehicle and civilian vehicles in background (Arma2)

Civilian fleeing (Arma2OA Alice2 ambient civilians module) (Arma2)