2012-07-18 DDR Nationale Volksarmee and BAOR FV438 Swingfire, Bedford MJ trucks, Chernarus Gorka area Zoom

Today's update brings more cold-war era content, and new terrain to generate missions for. From Vilas' Project 85 German army add-on, it adds former East Germany (DDR)'s Nationale Volksarmee soldiers and vehicles. Rated as one of the strongest Warsaw Pact armies, the NVA soldiers come with Soviet-made equipment and their distinguishing 'strichtarnmuster' pattern uniforms.

P85 DDR Fallschirmjaegers advancing near Gorka (Arma2)

Chernarus Gorka terrain now available for mission creation (Arma2)

BAOR Bedford MJ trucks traveling near Gorka (Arma2)

To counter the Warsaw Pact addition, the cold war British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) units have been extended with Trouble's FV438 Swingfire anti-tank vehicles and the Bedford MJ series of trucks. When hcpookie's 'Deployable Camo Nets' add-on for Arma2:CO is enabled, the generated mission orders the Swingfire units to set-up camo-nets for concealment.

Vilas' P85 DDR BMP-1s advancing (Arma2)

P85 DDR NVA crew manning a D-30 howitzer (Arma2)

BAOR FV438 Swingfire anti-tank units too close to their threats for comfort (Arma2)

In response to popular demand for mission planning on the default Chernarus world, I've added another (large, 6km by 4.4km) Chernarus area to the terrain database: Gorka. Gorka is a small town in the eastern part of Chernarus, in between the eastern coast and the forested hills. Compared to the Vybor area, the Gorka area has more hills and is more cumbersome for wheeled vehicles to move about. Tracked vehicles have less troubles climbing the hills and are recommended to transport infantry in a timely fashion to their destination.

Compared to the Chernogorsk area, the Gorka area has more open areas and smaller towns.


Enjoy your missions!