2013-10-12 Close-air-support for Arma3 (F-18, Buzzard) and Arma2CO (F-18, F-14, Typhoons) Zoom

This week increases choice in close-air-support for Arma3 and Arma2CO missions. The (default Arma3) FAA A-143 Buzzard and John Spartan and Saul's F/A-18 Super Hornets (USMC and US Navy liveries) are now available for Arma3 missions.


For Arma2CO, the Cold War F-14B Tomcat (in US Navy and Iranian air force liveries) and modern day F/A-18 Super Hornets (USMC, US Navy, ADF liveries) and Eurofighter Typhoons have been added (RAF, Luftwaffe, Luftstreitkraefte, Aeronautica Militare, Ejercito del Aire liveries).

USMC F-18F over Poliakko (Arma3)

Close air support from a ground perspective (Arma3)

USMC F-18F launching an Maverick missile (Arma3)

Especially the Arma3 screen shots show the planes in all their beauty, against the backdrop of Altis island.

RKSL Spanish EuroFighter C.16 turning (Arma2)

RKSL Spanish C.16 Eurofighter Typhoon (Arma2)

Iranian air force F-14 Tomcat (Arma2)

Sadly, the Arma3 FAA A-143 Buzzard is very unreliable in hitting its waypoints. At this time, I recommend against using it in missions. Please vote this issue up to get the problem fixed.

US Navy F-14B Tomcat (Arma2)

AAF A-143 Buzzard over Altis (Arma3)

AAF AMV-4 Gorgon unloading dismounts upon contact (Arma3)

On the ground the Arma3 FAA also have been given their AMV-4 Gorgon (Pandur II) IFV. Also, the PlannedAssault unit definitions for the US Military Mod (80s, 90s) have been updated to fix incorrect helmet textures and newly added unit badges.