2013-07-04 ArmA 3 Beta support Zoom

The Arma3 beta released in the previous week introduced armored personnel carriers, gunships and a third 'independent' Green Army force. I've updated the unit database accordingly.

Green Army Strider (Fennek) MRAPS vehicle (Arma3)

An OPFOR Cajman gunship (Arma3)

OPFOR Marid APCs watching over the airport (Arma3)

The 'independent' Green Army force can either be chosen as a BLUFOR force, a OPFOR force or both.

(For those of you editing generated missions, please remember that the Green Army units in generated missions are set to be WEST or EAST, not RESISTANCE, which might fool the built-in mission editor. The missions execute fine though.)

OPFOR infantry mounting APCs (Arma3)

OPFOR Marid APC engaging threats (Arma3)

Green Army crew near damaged Striders (Arma3)