2011-04-25 Air assault tutorial video Zoom

I have completed and uploaded the air assault tutorial video to Youtube. This video shows the editing steps specific to air assaults (picking transport helicopters and placing units in an air cargo position slot). In addition, the video shows the highlights and dangers of the resulting air assault missions in Arma2.

Air assault tutorial intro

Explanation where to best place transport helicopters

Playing a soldier about to be inserted in enemy territory

I've been having a great time creating air assault missions and recording footage. Most missions played out differently every time I started them. Sometimes I lost close air support (CAS) quickly, and had to land without the enemy being suppressed. In other missions, I lost part of my flight and some of the friendly troops remained in place, so I had fewer men than planned to assault the objective.

And occasionally, everything went to plan. I love it when a plan comes together!