2013-11-10 Only in ArmA(2): 100+ men para-drop in your single-player mission! Zoom

Few games are technically capable of this: 100+ men (simultaneous) para-drops in a single player mission!

Until now, it wasn't easy to create these "Only in Arma2" moments. The stock mission editor in Arma2 (and Arma3) doesn't explicitly support para-drops, and the AI aircraft need a lot of scripting to perform steady runs into the drop zone. Also, here at PlannedAssault we didn't get everything right for large para-drops involving large aircraft (small para-drops were pretty okay). But now it is green, green, green!

Fifty-four VDV paratroopers just before the jump (Arma2)

One of the Il-76 aircraft dropping its paratroopers (Arma2)

One hundred and eight (108) paratroopers in the air (Arma2)

The following changes were implemented to enable a single para-drop by seven VDV "double" squads (7 x 12 = 108 men) from a single flight of two Ilyushin Il-76 'Candid' aircraft:

  • the number of cargo units (squads) per transporter unit (aircraft section) has been increased to seven (so I could load 7 VDV "double squads" into the single group containing two Il-76 aircraft);
  • the para-drop script has been changed so the paratroopers jump per group, enabling squads to land more compact;
  • the aircraft better stick to the intended flight path (instead of diverting due to threats spotted), speeding up the drop and reducing the distance to the drop-zone for paratroopers. Setting the aircraft's skill to 1.0 proved to be the secret here...;
  • some aircraft (notably the C-130 Hercules) were given higher default flying levels (AGL), in order to avoid crashes while flying in formation.

Obviously, these changes work for all para-drops.

A sky crowded with parachutes (Arma2)

On the ground, a M136 Vulcan AA gun is waiting (Arma2)

VDV paratroopers advancing immediately after touching down (Arma2)

In one of the screen shots below, you'll find the exact inputs I used to create the 108 men para-drop mission, using Vilas' P85 VDV, Wings of Russia's Il-76 and CWR2's Su-25's against CWR2's US Army forces.

Alternatives for large para-drops include flights of for C-130 Hercules aircraft, or the French (OFrP) C-160 Transals.

Paratrooper 'trails' from four C-130s (Arma2)

Planning input for the large 108 men VDV para-drop

French CPA10 landing near Zargabad (Arma2)

For me, these large para-drops have been exciting, deadly and maxing out my PC. Have fun creating your "Only in Arma" moments!