2013-02-13 More Cold War and Afghan War Units for your Missions Zoom

With this update, PlannedAssault expands its support for generating Cold War era missions. The Arma2CO unit database received significant additions for you to use in your missions:

  • new US Army Chinook CH-47D and FIA freedom fighters from the Cold War Rearmed 2 project (CWR2). Pachira defined the FIA squads, sections, and platoons.
  • a huge range of Soviet infantry and armor for the European and Afghanistan theaters from Vilas' P85 Soviet pack, including 'Panamka' units for the Soviet Afghan wars and large caliber self-propelled guns (2S3 Gvozik 122mm, 2S5 Akatsiya 152mm, and 2S7 Pion 203mm).
  • artic variants of UK SAS and Royal Marines soldiers as wells as new sniper units of the CWR2: British Armed Forces Expansion
  • the Sukhoi Su-15TM 'Flagon' intercepter aircraft by Citizensnip

Troubles are brewing in Schwemlitz (Arma2)

Cold War Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon over Schwemlitz (Arma2)

Schwemlitz being invaded (Arma2)

Soviet infantry with PK and 6B2 vests (Vilas' P85) (Arma2)

Two CWR2 Chinook CH-47Ds inserting cold-war infantry (Arma2)

CWR2 US Army infantry and armor attacking Schwemlitz (Arma2)

What better map for Cold War era missions than the actual terrain where NATO prepared to fight Warsaw Pact forces? Falcon & Lancer have recreated real-life's Schwemlitz and its surroundings. Schwemlitz is small village in Northwestern Germany, in the former NATO NORTHAG sector, between the form inner-German border and Uelzen (along the WL-191 road).

The Schwemlitz world stands out because of its details, and of its realistic recreation of small hamlets and farms, with houses and sheds placed and connected together with garden paths and drive ways. See the screen shots on this page.

Three 2S7 Pion self-propelled 203mm guns firing a mission (Arma2)

P85 Soviet artillery crew in Afghanistan (Arma2)

Soviet infantry with 'Panamka' hats being inserted in Takistan (Arma2)

Several hooded Cold War Spetsnaz soldiers from Vilas' P85 (Arma2)

Soviet AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missile launcher (Arma2)

CWR2's UK Royal Marines in artic outfit (Arma2)