2013-08-19 Arma2 Caribou Island terrain Zoom

The recently released Arma2:CO world 'Caribou Frontier' by Raunhofer offers an interesting mix of detailed, rugged, rocky terrain, gentle and steep slopes and industry facilities. With all objects being manually placed, each place and thing offers a sense of purpose.

It is well suited to combined arms combat, offering neither vehicles nor infantry a big advantage. The terrain selected for PlannedAssault mission generation is the southern and center part of the island, containing the Oil Bay industrial zone.

USMC LAV-25 in rugged terrain with an industry facilities backdrop (Arma2)

A Ka-50 flight engaging marines on the ground (Arma2)

Russian infantry west of Oil Bay on Caribou Island (Arma2)

I have also uploaded a bug fix to remove a 'security delay' at mission start for recon forces; obviously, recon forces should be the first to be on their way, and in newly generated missions that is again the case.