2009-05-29 4, 3, 2, 1 and go! Zoom
We're up now, currently in a closed beta at a fixed IP address somewhere on Amazon's cloud serving our first users.
2009-05-28 Tutorial available on Youtube Zoom
Curious what PlannedAssault is? This Youtube video demonstrates how to create a mission in 5 minutes.

I recommend watching the HD version, because it makes reading the details on the screen easier. Have fun!
2009-05-20 Fire support available for defense Zoom
From now on, a defensive position is extended with spotting areas in front of the defensive sectors, and a mechanism for the defenders to call for fire support when hostile forces are spotted. The result: when hostile forces are detected by the defense, friendly fixed wing and rotary wing assets are called in to deal with the attackers. "
2009-04-30 Site live (but hidden) at Amazon's EC2 Cloud Zoom
Hurrah! After months of development, the web front-end and the planners successfully deployed to Amazon's cloud.