2009-07-06 Planner Generated Briefings Zoom

The planner and web site have been updated (to versions 0.94 and 0.98 respectively), to add:

  • planner generated briefings
  • on call artillery fire support as part of the defense

Furthermore, all .sqs and .sqf scripts have been placed in a 'planned_assault' subdirectory.


The briefing is structured in the sections 'briefing', 'situation', 'mission', 'execution', and 'support', which happens to be format enforced by Arma II.

2009-06-21 Random Tips to Guide Mission Creation Zoom

Random tips have been added to the pages for unit selection, for unit and objective placement, and for briefing entry. These tips should make it easier to create great missions. Press the 'play' button to see more tips.

2009-06-18 Example Missions and Planner Design Zoom

Examples of generated missions and additional explanation about their contents and construction are now available here.


The planner's design was recently explained by William at the two-day Paris conference on Game AI. The slides can be found here.

2009-06-15 Planner update Zoom

The planner has been updated (to 0.94) to fix the following problems:

  • CAS not being properly synchronized with a formation attack when the attacking force includes trucks or other vehicles that will be left in the assembly area during the attack
  • attacks not being planned when the attacking force includes trucks or soft-skinned vehicles and does not have space to form-up before the attack
  • attack lanes not being generated for formation attack with a single ground combat unit