2009-06-15 Generated plan Gantt chart Zoom

To illustrate the plans being generated, here is Gantt chart generated for Russian attack forces in the tutorial video mission (click image for full size):

In the mission, Andrei and Boris are 18 men dismount corresponding to the Dmitri BTR-80 IFV platoon and Evgeni BMP2-D platoon respectively. Fedor is a 3-tank T90 platoon, and Grisha provides air-defence with a section of BRDM2 9P31 SAM vehicles. Igor is a howitzer battery and Leonid a section of Mi-24 Hind rotary wing gunships. Note how A and B mount the vehicles of D and E in order to move to the assembly area. G stays near the assembly area (providing air defence) during the attack, and joins the attackers after the attack.


Pre-planned fire support is synchronized with the start of the attack with artillery first and gun ships once the artillery mission is completed.

2009-06-01 Planner step limit increased Zoom
The limit on planner steps has been increased (to 800 from 200), so more complicated missions can be planned to completion.
2009-06-01 Warnings and guidance during mission editing Zoom

After seeing a few testers getting stuck defining their missions, I've added better warnings and guidance in the site logo (example screen shot on the right).

Warnings and guidance in the logo area

2009-05-30 ACE Island Pack's Malden and Everon supported Zoom
Missions can now be created for Malden and Everon, as included in ACE Island's Pack. Fewer mods are now required to test the mission builder.