2012-12-14 Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Zoom

This update enables you to generate battles for the WWII first-person tactical simulation 'Iron Front: Liberation 1944' by X1 Software / AWAR. Iron Front is based on the latest iteration of the Arma2 engine, and its missions are very similar to Arma2's from a technical perspective.

Ju 87D5 flying to the rescue (IF44)

Army PaK anti-tank guns engage distant targets (IF44)

Red Army infantry deploying (IF44)

Although based on Arma2, Iron Front plays out quite differently, due to the WWII equipment and weaponry. Compared to Arma's modern combat, Iron Front maneuvers are a lot slower, infantry fire less accurate, and target acquisition is tough. However, indirect fire is almost as lethal as today.

I personally love the two larger maps (designed after areas in southeast Poland, near the Wisla river) which reflect a summertime setting that deeply contrasts with the heavy fighting that occurred there in WWII and in the game. I enjoy the details in the vehicles and uniforms, and had fun with coming up with decent tactical plans and behaviors for the crew-movable anti-tank cannons (PaKs).

Katyusha firing rockets towards Kurozweki (IF44)

SHiSBr assault engineers ride into battle (IF44)

The Katyusha's barrage arriving in Kurozweki (IF44)

PlannedAssault right now supports virtually all units of the Iron Front base game, and four areas of 5x3.75km of the Polish maps. It offers custom squads (Wehrmacht infantry in feldgrau and splintermuster camouflage, Waffen-SS in eichenlaubmuster, Red Army infantry in khaki and Razvedchiki in their 'summer 41' camouflage dress). It offers fully crewed anti-tank guns and mortars (again, in feldgrau and camouflaged Wehrmacht/SS variants).

German Panther and Koenigtiger rolling forward (IF44)

Waffen-SS mortar team firing (IF44)

IS-2 heavy armor (IF44)

In the generated missions, the AI manned anti-tank guns rotate to engage targets, and AI artillery units (8cm mortars and Katyusha) fire artillery missions (using Arma2's artillery module), either pre-planned or on request of (AI) forward observers. Aircraft are tasked with pre-planned bombardments or are on call to engage attacking forces.


2012-12-06 Simplified add-on selection, SOAR(A) MH47-E Chinooks, RG-31 Nyala and more Takistan terrain Zoom

PlannedAssault's add-on database has grown over the past years to include more and more squads, platoons, and maps. Because of this large database, PlannedAssault is more likely to create missions involving your favorite units.

The large database also has a downside: to generate a mission, you are first asked to select a few add-ons from a long list (over 140 add-ons for Arma2:CO). This can be daunting and it's not always easy to find a specific add-on. To address this problem, I've reworked the add-on selection screen.

Old, long and poorly structured list to select add-ons from

New structured and collapsible add-on selection screen

Delta Force ingressing on MH-47E's ramp (Arma2)

The new selection screen splits the add-ons in three sections: add-ons offering units, add-ons offering worlds, and optional add-ons offering miscellaneous things such as camera scripts and camouflage net systems. Each of the sections can be expanded or collapsed.

The units section has been subdivided in two or more themes, which also can be expanded or collapsed. In all cases, the 'official' BLUFOR and OPFOR forces will be shown as two themes. For games with large numbers of add-ons, additional themes are shown, such as modern BLUFOR community add-ons, cold war Warsaw Pact forces add-ons, rotary-wing aircraft add-ons etc.

In case an add-on is listed multiple times (in more than one theme), the corresponding check-boxes are synchronized: one click selects or deselects all of them, reducing confusion.

Delta Force air landing (Arma2)

Nightly fast-rope from MH-47E (Arma2)

A pair of MH-47Es sneaking into town at night (Arma2)

With the add-on selection screen improved, you should have little problem finding the following newly supported Arma2:CO add-ons: Konyo's MH-47E Chinook, and ExplosiveAids & Stiltman's RG-31 Nyala mine protected personnel carrier vehicle (under .

The MH-47E is a special operations variant of the Chinook. I've added 'standard' and 'fast-rope' MH-47 units, as single helicopter and as twin helicopter sections. The 'standard' MH-47E units will insert their cargo by landing, whereas the 'fast-rope' MH-47E units will automatically fast-rope their cargo (as the screen shots illustrate).

US Army driver in RG-31Mk5 Nyala (Arma2)

RG-31 Nyalas and infantry forming up on reverse slope (Arma2)

RG-31Mk5 Nyala on mountainous terrain (Arma2)

Also the RG-31 Nyala are being offered in two variants: the default USMC RG-31s, with USMC designations at the back and USMC crews. And I've defined US Army variants (starting out as empty vehicles, with US Army grunts in ACU instructed to man driver and gunner positions) with proper US Army designations. Just drag and drop the US Army RG-31 platoon on the map, and the PlannedAssault generated mission will take care of the details. The screen shots shown above result from such a mission.

In addition, more of Arma2:OA's Takistan is now available for mission generation. New is the Sakhe region which consists of high, barren mountains separated by a few valleys, with small villages in some of the valleys. The Sakhe regions is suited for infantry and air mobile operations, while most vehicles struggle to make it out of the valley.


2012-11-10 IslaDuala terrain, Takistani militia, - guerrillas, PMC and updated Dutch Armed Forces Zoom

In PlannedAssault's terrain database, the Isla Duala terrain has been updated to reflect the latest revision of the island. IceBreakr, in version 1.95 of his island, expanded Bolabongo city with a new suburb (Dendala) and additional roads. The island offers a detailed and varied taste of Africa. All screen shots of this update except the last two have been captured at Isla Duala.

Dendala district's skyline (Arma2)

Dendala suburbs, a new addition to Isla Duala (Arma2)

Takistani militia advancing in BTR-40s (Arma2)

Takistani militia in urban combat (Arma2)

A SPG-9 manned by an AI Takistani Militia crew (Arma2)

PMC personnel dismounting from their SUVs (Arma2)

PMC forces landing with a Ka-60 (Arma2)

Dutch 'luchtmobiel' air assault forces being inserted (Arma2)

Dutch MRAT team with Spike ATGM and spare missiles (Arma2)

With help (again) from Pachira, we've added the following factions to the unit database (for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO): Takistani Militia (OPFOR, fighting alongside the Takistani Army), Takistani Guerrilla forces (BLUFOR insurgents) and Ion Inc. private military company (PMC, both as BLUFOR and OPFOR - they're contractors after all).

In addition, the unit database has been extended with new units from the Dutch Armed Forces mod. In particular, the 'luchtmobiele brigade' (air manoeuvre brigade) and ATGM assistants carrying spare Spike missiles.


2012-10-23 Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star and desert MARPAT US Marines (A2, A2:CO) Zoom

Two more unit database updates, thanks to Pachira. First, from Arma2's campaign, the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, a communist revolutionary organization also known as the ChDKZ. The ChKDZ rebels use Soviet equipment mixed with newer Russian equipment, and put red banners and stars on their vehicles.

ChDKZ forces assembling prior to their attack (Arma2)

A large mechanized ChDKZ assault (Arma2)

ChDKZ advancing with red banners on their vehicles (Arma2)

The second addition consists of Schnapsdrosel's desert MARPAT (reskins) of the Arma2 Marines. They are great for operations on the desert maps for Arma2 and Arma2:OA.

US Marines in desert MARPAT debussing (Arma2)

Desert MARPAT marines and their LAVs forming-up (Arma2)

Marines under fire at 29 Palms (Arma2)