2010-02-10 Arma II mods: Mando Missile initialization added, IslaDuala terrain updated to 1.3 Zoom

PlannedAssault's Arma II mod database has been updated with Mandoble's 'Mando Missile ArmA for A2'. Furthermore, mission planning for IslaDuala is now done based on the IslaDuala 1.3 terrain.


Supporting Mando Missile is as easy as placing a few modules in the editor or, alternatively, calling three functions from init.sqf. The latter option coincides with per-mod init commands supported in PlannedAssaults data model, and has been chosen. To enjoy Mando Missile behavior in your mission, simply select the mod in the mod selection screen.

Mando Missile init in PlannedAssault mission

Mando Missile init.sqf initialization in PlannedAssault's mod database

2010-02-03 Isla Duala: beautiful missions Zoom

The 'community' Arma II map 'Isla Duala' (v1.2) by IceBreakr offers breathtaking sceneries and great tank country. Below some results from play-testing PlannedAssault generated missions for IslaDuala:

The Bolabongo area (African plains, two cities and an airstrip) and the jungle near Larenga have been added as maps for mission generation. Please keep in mind that the Larenga area isn't very suited to vehicles (which tend to get stuck on trees) and infantry may loose its weapons when crossing rivers.

As a result of this update, the planner and website versions are 1.05 and 1.15.

2010-01-31 Splash splash: Arma II artillery and Forward Observers Zoom

PlannedAssault missions now use Arma II's artillery units and the artillery module logic for the following:

  • AI manned and operated howitzers and mortars;
  • pre-planned artillery barrages for the attacking force, taking into account gun range;
  • player planned fire missions using the radio and map;
  • AI defense fire zones in front of the defensive positions, where enemy presence triggers artillery missions upon detection;
  • artillery mission progress calls from artillery units.

Fully manned howitzers in action

Artillery missions on call in the player's radio menu

Stopping an hostile attack with a SADARM mission

To enable proper use of artillery in mission generation, PlannedAssault uses the configuration data including ordance and range data. Below, this configuration data is shown for a USMC howitzer battery with crew:

Howitzer battery configuration data as used for mission planning and mission generation

To enable use of LASER targeted ordnance, all (light) snipers and spotters in the unit database have been issued a laser designator and a battery pack.


The planner and web site/unit database haven been upgraded to versions 1.00 and 1.1 respectively.

2010-01-08 Arma II support: new task assigned Zoom

Another large update: PlannedAssault now supports Arma II in addition to Armed Assault. This post details what is supported, what's been added to the mission generator, and what is left for future updates.


The following areas were picked for mission planning.

  • 'Vybor': The smooth and rolling hills surrounding Vybor make great tank country, and are ideal for large armor maneuvers.
  • 'Chernogorsk': the city of Chernogorsk and the hills north of it offer opportunities for infantry to sneak up on armor.
  • 'Utes main island': the island isn't big, but still great for infantry fights.

I've experimented with Chernarus' northeast area (Krasnostav - Olsha - Guba bay). The ArmaII AI isn't successful in finding paths from Guba bay to Krasnostav for vehicles, probably because of the dense forests. Missions in that area are likely to dissappoint, so I've not added Kranostav area.


Parsing the ArmaII maps wouldn't be possible without Mikero's work on PboDLL. The PboDLL source code and adapted LZO library provided all the information necessary to adapt my ".wrp" parser for OWRP24 files. Great job!

Vybor's rolling country side

Chernogorsk city between the sea and the hills

Utes island

ArmaII offers the player a more structured briefing and details the tasks towards mission completion for the player's group. Especially these tasks are a great means to instruct the player on what is expected of his group, as part of a larger coordinated attack. I've extended PlannedAssault's mission generator back-end to generate tasks for all the groups on the player' side, and update the current task based on waypoint progress. The briefing and tasks also reflect team switches, which is illustrated below.

Briefing in ArmaII's diary format.

New task assigned to Bravo on dismounting Delta's LAV-25s.

Tasks for Bravo USMC infantry squad.

Tasks for Charlie USMC LAV-25 IFV section.

Tasks for Echo USMC M1A2 tank section.

Tasks for Foxtrot USMC Avenger air defense section.

An example mission showing the use of briefings and (dynamic) task assignments as part of the generated mission can be downloaded here.


For Armed Assault (Arma I) missions, PlannedAssault uses 'Mando Bombs Arma' scripts for fixed wing ground attacks, and Viper's artillery mod for artillery missions. For Arma II, at this time of writing there are no means to make aircraft perform one or two CAS runs before returning to station. The standard 'seek and destroy' OFP/Arma/ArmaII waypoint behavior makes aircraft linger above the hostile forces until all threats have been taken out, even if the aircraft has run out of its main weapons to engage ground targets. That's not a sound way to deploy multi-million dollar aircraft.


To address this (and the absence of Mando bombs for Arma II), I've added a small script that supervises aircraft on a 'seek and destroy' task and sends them back to station after a given number of bombs and/or ATGMs have been fired.


Artillery support is now integrated in Arma II via the module system. I've post-poned supporting modules for this update (but look forward to dealing with modules soon).


The planner and web site now run versions 0.99 and 1.0.3 respectively.