2013-08-04 Arma2 (Winter) Schwemlitz Zoom

The Arma2 Schwemlitz map (one of my favorite maps) received a winter variant (Winter Schwemlitz). I've immediately generated the terrain database so the mission planner can generate missions for it. The screen shots below show the results, with a Swedish mechanized force in snow camo moving through.


You'll find Winter Schwemlitz, by Falcon & Lancer, here.

Railroad bridge near Hagen on Winter Schwemlitz (Arma2)

Swedish LvKv90 under fire (Arma2)

Su-34 Fullback operating above snow covered Schwemlitz (Arma2)

I've also updated the Arma3 unit database to reflect the latest additions to the Arma3 Beta: tracked armored vehicles. Please be aware that the Arma3 AI is still a work-in-progress: AI drivers struggle to properly drive the IFVs across hills.

Swedish infantry in snow camouflage in Schwemlitz's woods (Arma2)

Swedish mechanized Strf90D unit advancing (Arma2)

Arma3 beta's new BTR-K Kamyah's in position (Arma3)




2013-07-15 Web UI changes, Planning in Games workshop slides Zoom

This update introduces a small change to the web UI. The "Continue" button which allows you to advance to the next screen when editing a mission has been moved from the bottom of the screen to a tab on the side. For tall screens, two new "Continue" tabs are shown, reducing the amount of mouse movement required.

Old 'continue' button placement

New 'continue' button placement

Title slide from Planning in Games 2013 workshop, Rome

My slides from the 'Planning in Games' workshop invited talk are available here and discuss PlannedAssault's design. The workshop was part of the 2013 International Conference on Automated Planning Systems (ICAPS), took place in Rome, Italy, and was great fun.

Prior failures and rejected ideas slide

Dealing with combinatorics in attack planning slide

Planner performance slice: handling larger number of units nicely




2013-06-18 Medics, ambulances, wounded state and first-aid for Arma2*, Iron Front:1944 Zoom

More diversity and chaos in the missions you can build here at PlannedAssault! New is the option to enable injuries, dragging and first-aid in your missions for Arma2 and Iron Front:1944.

To enable this option, on the "Add-ons" tab of your mission, just scroll down to the 'Logic/systems add-ons' and tick either the Arma2:CO First Aid module, or DAP's AI First Aid Support module. Continue to build your mission as usual, perhaps throwing in an additional 'ambulance' unit...

UK cold war soldier dragging crew member (Arma2)

US Army medic and M1133 Stryker MEV (Arma2)

Bundeswehr M113 ambulances hurrying to provide assistance (Arma2)

Arma2, from its launch, features three modules that together add a 'wounded' state, enable dragging of wounded soldiers, enable requests for assistance from ambulances and add first-aid actions. These modules (or their Arma2 community-made alternative: DAP's First Aid Support module) aren't perfect, but they add a whole new feel to battles.

PlannedAssault will take care of the placing the necessary modules in your mission, and synchronizing all relevant units to these modules.


Be warned though that the first-aid behavior resulting from Arma2's modules has some rough edges. Medics seemingly only heal their squad members, and occasionally prefer to fight distant threats instead of offering casualty care to nearby friendlies.

I haven't found the time to check out (and make provisions for) ACE2's first-aid system.

Bundeswehr M113 ambulance disembarking (Arma2)

US Army medic providing first aid (Arma2)

Bundeswehr sanitaeter having just disembarked (Arma2)

Since Iron Front:1944 is built on Arma2, it offers the same first-aid capabilities. So I have added the ambulances for the Red Army, Wehrmacht and US Army, and assigned additional medics (or Sanitaeter) to these ambulances.


To prevent ambulances from being the first unit to arrive in a FUP (form-up position), I've added delays (wait tasks) for ambulance units, based on their travel time compared to the travel time of combat units. This is something to keep in mind when playing a mission as medic or ambulance driver.

Wounded Wehrmacht soldiers waiting for a Sanitaeter (Arma2)

Wehrmacht Opel Blitz Sanka (IF44)

Wehrmacht sanitaeter providing first aid (IF44)

Having now had the opportunity to play missions from a medic, Sanitaeter or combat life saver perspective, I should have added support for first-aid sooner. Anyway, here it is.






p.s. I've updated the Arma3 unit database to the lastest alpha, now including sniper units and more cargo space in the MH-9 BLUFOR helicopter.

2013-05-21 Something different: Foliage Camouflage System add-on Zoom

Here is a spin-off of from my work on the PlannedAssault mission generator: the Foliage Camouflage System for Arma2. It's a simple module which I've created to attach foliage to tanks, cars and guns to camouflage them with twigs and leaves. The Foliage Camouflage System brings a NATO practice to the Arma2 series of games. The add-on comes with a 13 page manual.

Foliage camouflaged Bradley engaging (Arma2)

CWR2 British infantry and camouflaged FV432 APC (Arma2)

Camouflaged Marder IFVs near Schwemlitz (Arma2)

FV721 Fox recce troop camouflaged with foliage (Arma2)

Foliage as seen on FLIR (Arma2)

Camouflaged Bundeswehr armored column (Arma2)

If you have installed the module and want to use it in the mission, select the 'Foliage Camouflage System' from the 'Logic/systems add-ons' on the 'Add-ons' tab when creating your mission.