2011-11-05 Cold War battles Zoom

Relive the largest armored battles that never were! PlannedAssault now generates single-player missions based on cold war era units and maps, enabling you to create NATO vs Warsaw Pact battles.

Today's extension covers the Cold War Rearmed 2 add-on, some of Vilas' Project 85 units and adds a few cold war era aircraft.

FRG Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiere dismounting from their Marder IFVs

US Army mechanized infantry (left + center) moves forward while TOWs fly overhead

AI have deployed and manned a TOW launcher

The Cold War Rearmed 2 (CWR2) add-on aims to recreate the Operation Flashpoint: 1985 game and missions. For the PlannedAssault unit database, I've gone beyond that scope, recreating mechanized infantry squads according to the Cold War era TO&E (for example, M113 and Bradley dismounted squads, use of the M47 Dragon anti-tank missile). I've also enabled, through generated scripts, Arma2 / Arma2:OA features such as as crew served weapons (TOW launchers), AI manned artillery (howitzers and mortars) and camouflaged faces.

In addition, two new areas from CWR2's Everon are available for mission generation; all but the final picture here show CWR2's Everon.

Soviet Union motorized rifle company moves through Everon

Soviet Su-17 Fitter-D climbing after performing a ground attack

Camouflaged faces

From Vilas' Project 85 vehicles and units, I've added numerous US Army and US Marine Corps vehicles to complement the CWR2 units, and Cold War Federal Republic of Germany armor and mechanized infantry. For a few other (Russian Federation) add-ons, I've made available Soviet Union variants.

US Air Force Phantom F-4Es near Everon

FRG Leopard 1A5 engaging Warsaw pact forces

Soviet D-30 artillery battery

Warsaw Pact air forces have been strengthened with the Su-17 Fitter-K and Su-24 Fencer-D aircraft, whereas NATO air forces are issued the F-4E Phantom II. Enjoy!