2012-11-10 IslaDuala terrain, Takistani militia, - guerrillas, PMC and updated Dutch Armed Forces Zoom

In PlannedAssault's terrain database, the Isla Duala terrain has been updated to reflect the latest revision of the island. IceBreakr, in version 1.95 of his island, expanded Bolabongo city with a new suburb (Dendala) and additional roads. The island offers a detailed and varied taste of Africa. All screen shots of this update except the last two have been captured at Isla Duala.

Dendala district's skyline (Arma2)

Dendala suburbs, a new addition to Isla Duala (Arma2)

Takistani militia advancing in BTR-40s (Arma2)

Takistani militia in urban combat (Arma2)

A SPG-9 manned by an AI Takistani Militia crew (Arma2)

PMC personnel dismounting from their SUVs (Arma2)

PMC forces landing with a Ka-60 (Arma2)

Dutch 'luchtmobiel' air assault forces being inserted (Arma2)

Dutch MRAT team with Spike ATGM and spare missiles (Arma2)

With help (again) from Pachira, we've added the following factions to the unit database (for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO): Takistani Militia (OPFOR, fighting alongside the Takistani Army), Takistani Guerrilla forces (BLUFOR insurgents) and Ion Inc. private military company (PMC, both as BLUFOR and OPFOR - they're contractors after all).

In addition, the unit database has been extended with new units from the Dutch Armed Forces mod. In particular, the 'luchtmobiele brigade' (air manoeuvre brigade) and ATGM assistants carrying spare Spike missiles.


2012-08-11 Army of the Czech Republic DLC (Arma2:CO) Zoom

The recently released 'Arma2: Army of the Czech Republic' downloadable content from Bohemia Interactive is now supported here at PlannedAssault.

This official DLC introduces a number of interesting units, including the Czech T-72M4 CZ tank variant, the Spike-missile equipped Pandur II infantry fighting vehicle, and the RM-70 rocket launcher artillery vehicle.

Czech special forces advancing with Dingo (Arma2)

A view of the ACR DLC new Bystrica map (Arma2)

A platoon of T-72M4 CZ tanks moving up (Arma2)

Perhaps the most interesting part of the DLC are two new worlds: Bystrica is a central Europe themed hilly and forested world. Due to the steep hills and dense forests, it is best suited to infantry and tracked vehicles (wheeled vehicles stand a good chance of getting stuck).

Bukovina is a small world, featuring an airstrip surrounded by rolling and open meadows and small forests. It is great terrain for any kind of vehicle.


As I understand it, both new worlds are also available for free (as part of the ACR lite patch), albeit at lower resolution. Hence, I've made the worlds and maps available for Arma2:CO, not just for the ACR DLC.

Czech Mi-24/35 Hind above a rainy Bystrica (Arma2)

Czech Pandur IIs firing Spike missiles at distant tanks (Arma2)

A flight of two L159s engaging hostile forces in the town (Arma2)

Currently, the Czech RM-70 rocket launcher vehicle lacks configuration settings for use with the Arma2 artillery, which makes it unusable for AI use in single player missions. I have left the unit out for the time being, and filed a bug. Please vote for this bug to be fixed if you also want the AI to be capable of firing rocket salvos with the RM-70.





2010-08-29 British Armed Forces pack DLC support Zoom

Three days ago, Bohemia Interactive released their first Arma2OA downloadable content: the British Armed Forces pack, together with patch 1.54 for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO.

The newly introduced British Armed Forces units introduced have been added to the unit databased for the Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO games. The added units involve infantry in MTP, DPM and desert DPM camouflage, cars and IFVs in desert and woodland camouflage (LandRover TUM, Jackal 2, Warrior FV510) and various helicopters (Apache AH Mk1, Wildcat Lynx, Merlin and Chinook).

For the Arma2:CO game, I've also defined combinations of the BAF infantry crew and the Jackal1 and EWMIK LandRovers from the P:UKF Jackal and LandRover mods.

Jackal 2 truck with infantry in DPM (from BAF DLC)

A Warrior section dismounts and moves up (from BAF DLC)

Officer in front of P:UKF EWMIK vehicle crewed with BAF infantry

Arma2:OA/CO's patch 1.54 contains a number of improvements, but also contains problem that is likely to spoil missions generated by PlannedAssault: AI groups may get and remain stuck in stealth or combat behavior. The workaround for this problem is to install a newer patch (1.55 once released) or a beta patch. Beta patch 72967 (available here) explicitly solves this problem.