2011-01-26 Chechen rebels, 1995's Russian infantry, Soviet armor, and additional French forces Zoom

I've take a short break from improving the planner's understanding of cities, in order to offer a fresh batch of units for your mission planning. On the menu today are Chechen rebel forces, 1995 Russian infantry, soviet armored vehicles. and additional French vehicles.

Chechen BMP2 and fighters advance

Chechen BTR-70 with fighters riding on top

Chechen fighters defending Chernogorsk

The Chechen rebels units are based on colonelstagler's add-on "Chechen Rebels", which contains Chechen infantry and khaki colored soviet-era vehicles. I've also added Chechen marked BTR-70s with root top seats from RHS's BTR-70 add-on. Finally, I've added Chechen mortar units by combining rebels and empty Russian mortars.

Russian infantry and armor move into town

2S1 Gvozika self-propelled guns firing an artillery mission

T-80BV tanks engaging (from Vilas' add-on)

Based on johncage's "Chechen War Russians" add-on, infantry units and static artillery units have been added. These infantry units are complemented with armor from Vilas' "Soviet vehicle pack"", notably: BMP-1's and BMP-2's IFVs, T-62, T-64, T-72 and T-80 tanks and the 2S1 Gvozika 122mm self-propelled gun.

Russian infantry advancing

Renault TRM2000 trucks in desert camouflage

French MirageF1CT aircraft

PlannedAssault again covers all French Arma2 add-ons with the units from MAF2Ext. This add-ons provides the Mirage F1CT jet, Gazelle helicopters, several Renault trucks and an IFV.

Also part of this update are a UI change from 'WEST' to 'BLUFOR', 'EAST' to 'OPFOR', fixes to have soldiers better man empty artillery gun, correct backpack names for Hexagon's COS soldiers.