2014-03-09 AIGameDev interview, Arma3 aircraft add-ons Zoom

Tonight, Alex Champandard ( and myself will be talking about the type of planning used here at PlannedAssault, in a interview broadcast by

As usual, the interview will be recorded and made available to AIGameDev members for viewing at a later time.

AIGameDev interview on Planning at PlannedAssault

A Sukhoi Su-35S just took down an hostile aircraft (Arma3)

F-18F being taken down by a Su-35S (Arma3)

Deadly skies above Altis (Arma3)

The F-18F (Arma3)

An A-10C Thunderbolt riddled with bullet holes (Arma3)

As the screenshots above show, I've spiced up the PlannedAssault unit database with a few Arma3 aircraft add-ons. This will enable you to create lively skies in your Arma3 missions, regardless whether you play a ground-hugging armor commander, a Stinger equipped air defence specialist, or a fighter pilot.

New are the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and Su-35S 'Flanker-E', both by John_Spartan & Saul, and the A-10C Thunderbolt II by Peral.



2013-07-15 Web UI changes, Planning in Games workshop slides Zoom

This update introduces a small change to the web UI. The "Continue" button which allows you to advance to the next screen when editing a mission has been moved from the bottom of the screen to a tab on the side. For tall screens, two new "Continue" tabs are shown, reducing the amount of mouse movement required.

Old 'continue' button placement

New 'continue' button placement

Title slide from Planning in Games 2013 workshop, Rome

My slides from the 'Planning in Games' workshop invited talk are available here and discuss PlannedAssault's design. The workshop was part of the 2013 International Conference on Automated Planning Systems (ICAPS), took place in Rome, Italy, and was great fun.

Prior failures and rejected ideas slide

Dealing with combinatorics in attack planning slide

Planner performance slice: handling larger number of units nicely




2009-06-18 Example Missions and Planner Design Zoom

Examples of generated missions and additional explanation about their contents and construction are now available here.


The planner's design was recently explained by William at the two-day Paris conference on Game AI. The slides can be found here.