2011-11-05 Cold War battles Zoom

Relive the largest armored battles that never were! PlannedAssault now generates single-player missions based on cold war era units and maps, enabling you to create NATO vs Warsaw Pact battles.

Today's extension covers the Cold War Rearmed 2 add-on, some of Vilas' Project 85 units and adds a few cold war era aircraft.

FRG Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiere dismounting from their Marder IFVs

US Army mechanized infantry (left + center) moves forward while TOWs fly overhead

AI have deployed and manned a TOW launcher

The Cold War Rearmed 2 (CWR2) add-on aims to recreate the Operation Flashpoint: 1985 game and missions. For the PlannedAssault unit database, I've gone beyond that scope, recreating mechanized infantry squads according to the Cold War era TO&E (for example, M113 and Bradley dismounted squads, use of the M47 Dragon anti-tank missile). I've also enabled, through generated scripts, Arma2 / Arma2:OA features such as as crew served weapons (TOW launchers), AI manned artillery (howitzers and mortars) and camouflaged faces.

In addition, two new areas from CWR2's Everon are available for mission generation; all but the final picture here show CWR2's Everon.

Soviet Union motorized rifle company moves through Everon

Soviet Su-17 Fitter-D climbing after performing a ground attack

Camouflaged faces

From Vilas' Project 85 vehicles and units, I've added numerous US Army and US Marine Corps vehicles to complement the CWR2 units, and Cold War Federal Republic of Germany armor and mechanized infantry. For a few other (Russian Federation) add-ons, I've made available Soviet Union variants.

US Air Force Phantom F-4Es near Everon

FRG Leopard 1A5 engaging Warsaw pact forces

Soviet D-30 artillery battery

Warsaw Pact air forces have been strengthened with the Su-17 Fitter-K and Su-24 Fencer-D aircraft, whereas NATO air forces are issued the F-4E Phantom II. Enjoy!



2011-09-10 BRDM-2s variants and crew served AT-3/AT-5s ATGMs, T-80 tanks, FV432 Bulldog APC, and RAAF F/A-18 Super Hornets Zoom

Here is another batch of new units recommended for use in your PlannedAssault missions. Let's start with hcpookie's "Improved BRDM-2 units", which contains a few gems for single-player missions with Russian or Takistani forces. Aside from the modernized BRDM-2's who pack a bigger punch (25mm cannon), this add-on introduces C2 vehicles with moveable observation masts. The add-on also provides an option to deploy camo-net for C2, HQ and ATGM variants of the BRDM-2. I figured out the vehicle initialization required to start place static C2 vehicles in the mission with their observation mast up, and added these as 'static' C2 recon units. These recon units might not be very effective in the game, but they are cool to see (provide you spot them).


But wait! There's more!... Almost hidden in this same add-on are crew-served ATGM weapon (AT-5 Konkurs/Spandrel, AT-3 Malyutka/Sagger). For defending Russian and Takistani forces, PlannedAssault generates the necessary scripting for AI soldiers to bring the right backpacks, assemble the weapon and man the gun. With their low profile (look at the screen shots below), these ATGM crew served weapons pose a nice threat to any BLUFOR vehicle.

Crew served AT-3 Malyutka missile operated from control box

BRDM-2 C2 vehicle under camo net with observation mast extended

AI crew manning an AT-5 Konkurs ATGM

Second is Red Hammer Studios's T-80 pack. This add-on adds a wide set of T-80 variants, both Soviet era and modern, along with randomized skirts, mud flap and unit signs.

Third is cleggy's British FV432 "Bulldog" APC, introducing an ugly workhorse for British forces to ride to battle.

The final addition involves RAAF (Australian) variants of the F/A-18 fighter by Meatball0311.

T-80B's with mud flaps moving near Chernogorsk

FV432 Bulldog bringing infantry forward

A platoon of T-80BV's advancing

With this update, I also roll-out an improved terrain representation for the planner to use in generating tactically sound plans. The planner uses an abstraction of the game world containing just the essentials, derived from the .wrp files. In earlier versions of the terrain representation, the road network wasn't correctly parsed and represented, leading to some cumbersome advances through urban terrain (Arma2's Chernogorsk, Arma2:OA's Takistan, VBS2/JCOVE's As Samawah).


This update bumps version numbers to 1.64 for the web UI and 1.86 for the planner.



2010-12-11 Crew served weapons for the defense, and Kiowas to locate them... Zoom

I wasn't satified with adding just French infantry Milan teams (see the previous post): the AI team wouldn't deploy and man their Milan anti-tank weapon unless the team included a human leader instructing them what to do. These low-profile man portable anti-tank launcher pose such a nice tactical problem to the opponent, it would be a shame to not experience them in Arma2. Arma2's engine can handle it, solely the Arma2 AI needs a little help.

British soldier mans tripod-mounted GPMG

British soldiers carrying L2A1 gun and tripod backpacks

French infantry firing a Milan missile

With inspiration from the various Arma message boards discussing scripting, I have developed scripts that enable an AI team to deploy and man their crew-served weapon(s). These scripts are now used to deploy defensive crew served weapons in PlannedAssault generated missions.

The following crew served weapons are now supported:

  • US Army: TOW launcher and M2 heavy machine gun.
  • British Armed forces: GPMG (with British GMG and L2 waiting for this bug to be fixed).
  • Takistan Army: KORD heavy machine gun, AGS-30 grenade launcher and METIS anti-tank missile launcher.
  • Hexagon French infantry: Milan missile launcher.

You can recognize teams with crew served weapons in the unit selection screen because they are labeled with 'crew served weapon'.

Please note: Crew served weapons are solely supported in Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO, because of the corresponding backpack system. Unlike other defensive units, the units with crew served weapons stick to their positions (and don't fall back on the objective being defended) when the enemy is not attacking through their sector).

Units with crew served weapons are labeled as such

AGS-30 grenade launcher manned by Takistan soldier

Kiowa Warrior waiting for the signal to engage

In addition to the crew served weapon units listed above, also several Kiowa Warriors from Southy & Eble's mod have been added. This mod provides armed OH-58 Kiowa Warriors and unarmed OH-58 Kiowa's for the US Army and Australian Defence Force.

This update also fixes a problem with transport planning (causing infantry to hike rather than ride). It adds a warning when planning fails for a defense with units embarked on helicopters. Versions: web UI 1.43, planner 1.54.