2011-12-04 Canadian Army units (Arma*/VBS2), Sahrani Obregan area (VBS2) Zoom

Today's additions to the unit database are 'Canadian Army' themed. For Arma 2, there are "Operation Northstar's" arid and temperate weather CADPAT infantry. I've added L16 81mm mortar teams.

For Arma 1, there are "Operation Northstar's" arid CADPAT infantry.

Canadian Army soldiers firing L-16 mortars (Arma2)

Canadian infantry in CADPAT-AR defending (Arma1)

Canadian infantry moving up (Arma2)

For VBS2 1.40 and VBS2 1.50, the unit database covers the Canadian Army vehicles. These are the CH-146 helicopter variants, and the LAV-III variants for VBS2 1.40. VBS2 1.50 has the 1.40 content, and adds the M113 ADATS, the RG-31 MRAP and AHSVS Wrecker.


Since VBS2 is compatible with (most) Arma1 add-ons, I've added the "Operation Northstar" Arma1 soldiers to the unit database for VBS2. As part of the their database entries, I've equipped each of the soldiers with the best matching (Diemaco) rifles and anti-tanks missiles as available in VBS2 (through initialization statements).

Arma1 Canadian Infantry inserted by VBS2 CH-146 (VBS2)

Arma1 Operation Northstar Canadian Infantry with VBS2 weapons (VBS2)

ADATS vehicle firing missile at BMP (VBS2)

I've also made available for VBS2 mission generation the Obregan area on the northern Sahrani island.


The mission planner received improvements to formation path finding: when advancing with multiple groups abreast, the aim is to have the groups form a continuous front inside the available space. In earlier versions, when confronted with obstacles the planner would simply squeeze the groups closer together. In the new version, this squeezing takes into account where the obstacle is (left or right of the planned path) and attempts to only squeeze groups closed together on the side of the obstacle.

Formation path improvements: before and after

Sahrani's Obregan area

The new planning set-up works as planned, with planning time significantly reduced and stability high.