2012-12-14 Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Zoom

This update enables you to generate battles for the WWII first-person tactical simulation 'Iron Front: Liberation 1944' by X1 Software / AWAR. Iron Front is based on the latest iteration of the Arma2 engine, and its missions are very similar to Arma2's from a technical perspective.

Ju 87D5 flying to the rescue (IF44)

Army PaK anti-tank guns engage distant targets (IF44)

Red Army infantry deploying (IF44)

Although based on Arma2, Iron Front plays out quite differently, due to the WWII equipment and weaponry. Compared to Arma's modern combat, Iron Front maneuvers are a lot slower, infantry fire less accurate, and target acquisition is tough. However, indirect fire is almost as lethal as today.

I personally love the two larger maps (designed after areas in southeast Poland, near the Wisla river) which reflect a summertime setting that deeply contrasts with the heavy fighting that occurred there in WWII and in the game. I enjoy the details in the vehicles and uniforms, and had fun with coming up with decent tactical plans and behaviors for the crew-movable anti-tank cannons (PaKs).

Katyusha firing rockets towards Kurozweki (IF44)

SHiSBr assault engineers ride into battle (IF44)

The Katyusha's barrage arriving in Kurozweki (IF44)

PlannedAssault right now supports virtually all units of the Iron Front base game, and four areas of 5x3.75km of the Polish maps. It offers custom squads (Wehrmacht infantry in feldgrau and splintermuster camouflage, Waffen-SS in eichenlaubmuster, Red Army infantry in khaki and Razvedchiki in their 'summer 41' camouflage dress). It offers fully crewed anti-tank guns and mortars (again, in feldgrau and camouflaged Wehrmacht/SS variants).

German Panther and Koenigtiger rolling forward (IF44)

Waffen-SS mortar team firing (IF44)

IS-2 heavy armor (IF44)

In the generated missions, the AI manned anti-tank guns rotate to engage targets, and AI artillery units (8cm mortars and Katyusha) fire artillery missions (using Arma2's artillery module), either pre-planned or on request of (AI) forward observers. Aircraft are tasked with pre-planned bombardments or are on call to engage attacking forces.


2010-04-26 France's Armée de Terre and Armée de l'Air units, and Editing Examples Zoom

This week's main addition to the unit database are HEXAgon Team's French army (Armée de Terre) and air force (Armée de l'Air) units. HEXAgon Team has created French infantry, special forces (COS), armor (Leclerc MBT), army air units (Tigre gunships and Puma transport helicopters) and air force Mirage 2000 fighters and bombers.

I've attempted to get the French infantry squad organization right, with equipes '300m' and equipes '600m' and larger 'groupes de combat'. I've also scripted a French infantry mortar unit with the M252 acting as the 81mm LLR.

AdT Tigre HAP attack gunship

French SF (COS) soldier with FAMAS G2

AMX Leclerc main battle tanks

Under the 'About'/'Editing Examples' tabs I've added considerations and guidelines for creating two types of missions:

After a successful server memory upgrade, I've re-enabled mission generation for Arma I. There's still some memory left to support additional maps...



2010-01-31 Splash splash: Arma II artillery and Forward Observers Zoom

PlannedAssault missions now use Arma II's artillery units and the artillery module logic for the following:

  • AI manned and operated howitzers and mortars;
  • pre-planned artillery barrages for the attacking force, taking into account gun range;
  • player planned fire missions using the radio and map;
  • AI defense fire zones in front of the defensive positions, where enemy presence triggers artillery missions upon detection;
  • artillery mission progress calls from artillery units.

Fully manned howitzers in action

Artillery missions on call in the player's radio menu

Stopping an hostile attack with a SADARM mission

To enable proper use of artillery in mission generation, PlannedAssault uses the configuration data including ordance and range data. Below, this configuration data is shown for a USMC howitzer battery with crew:

Howitzer battery configuration data as used for mission planning and mission generation

To enable use of LASER targeted ordnance, all (light) snipers and spotters in the unit database have been issued a laser designator and a battery pack.


The planner and web site/unit database haven been upgraded to versions 1.00 and 1.1 respectively.

2009-05-20 Fire support available for defense Zoom
From now on, a defensive position is extended with spotting areas in front of the defensive sectors, and a mechanism for the defenders to call for fire support when hostile forces are spotted. The result: when hostile forces are detected by the defense, friendly fixed wing and rotary wing assets are called in to deal with the attackers. "