2012-11-10 IslaDuala terrain, Takistani militia, - guerrillas, PMC and updated Dutch Armed Forces Zoom

In PlannedAssault's terrain database, the Isla Duala terrain has been updated to reflect the latest revision of the island. IceBreakr, in version 1.95 of his island, expanded Bolabongo city with a new suburb (Dendala) and additional roads. The island offers a detailed and varied taste of Africa. All screen shots of this update except the last two have been captured at Isla Duala.

Dendala district's skyline (Arma2)

Dendala suburbs, a new addition to Isla Duala (Arma2)

Takistani militia advancing in BTR-40s (Arma2)

Takistani militia in urban combat (Arma2)

A SPG-9 manned by an AI Takistani Militia crew (Arma2)

PMC personnel dismounting from their SUVs (Arma2)

PMC forces landing with a Ka-60 (Arma2)

Dutch 'luchtmobiel' air assault forces being inserted (Arma2)

Dutch MRAT team with Spike ATGM and spare missiles (Arma2)

With help (again) from Pachira, we've added the following factions to the unit database (for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO): Takistani Militia (OPFOR, fighting alongside the Takistani Army), Takistani Guerrilla forces (BLUFOR insurgents) and Ion Inc. private military company (PMC, both as BLUFOR and OPFOR - they're contractors after all).

In addition, the unit database has been extended with new units from the Dutch Armed Forces mod. In particular, the 'luchtmobiele brigade' (air manoeuvre brigade) and ATGM assistants carrying spare Spike missiles.


2012-10-23 Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star and desert MARPAT US Marines (A2, A2:CO) Zoom

Two more unit database updates, thanks to Pachira. First, from Arma2's campaign, the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, a communist revolutionary organization also known as the ChDKZ. The ChKDZ rebels use Soviet equipment mixed with newer Russian equipment, and put red banners and stars on their vehicles.

ChDKZ forces assembling prior to their attack (Arma2)

A large mechanized ChDKZ assault (Arma2)

ChDKZ advancing with red banners on their vehicles (Arma2)

The second addition consists of Schnapsdrosel's desert MARPAT (reskins) of the Arma2 Marines. They are great for operations on the desert maps for Arma2 and Arma2:OA.

US Marines in desert MARPAT debussing (Arma2)

Desert MARPAT marines and their LAVs forming-up (Arma2)

Marines under fire at 29 Palms (Arma2)




2012-10-11 Chernarus Defence Forces (A2, A2:CO) and modern Dutch Armed Forces (A2:CO) Zoom

The Chernarus Defence Forces have been absent until now, since I prefer adding real world units with matching real-life TO&E over adding fictitious forces. However, thanks to Pachira, the unit database now features the Chernarus Defence Forces. They are organized as NATO formations using Warsaw Pact equipment.

Chernarus Defence Force infantry near Gorka (Arma2)

BMP HQ vehicle with characteristic CDF yellow star (Arma2)

Chernarus AA vehicle being camouflaged (Arma2)

Today's other addition is the Dutch Armed Forces mod, which offers modern day Dutch forces including infantry, special forces, trucks, armor, and aircraft. The add-on replaces some stand-alone add-ons offering specific Dutch units or vehicles.

Dutch F-16 A/M in demo livery (Arma2)

Dutch infantry advancing with CV9035NLs (Arma2)

Dutch Patrias on patrol (Arma2)