2013-09-09 US Military Units from the '80s, '90s and early '00s, AH-64D block II (Arma2CO) Zoom

With Delta Hawk's US Military Mod (80s, 90s), the Arma2 community is given the means to create virtually any US Army soldier or USMC marine for the 1985-2003 time frame. Fictitious battles in 1985 Germany or 1999 Kosovo, or historic battles in 1983 Grenada, 1989 Panama, 1991 Iraq, 2001 Afghanistan, or 2003 Iraq can be now be recreated as Arma2 missions.

The add-on comes with soldier, marines in 80 and 90 load bearing vests, with and without flak jackets, and in woodland and various desert camouflage uniforms, all modeled in great detail.

1985 101st Abn Paras advancing across bridge (Arma2)

1985 1st Cavalry TOW team in ambush (Arma2)

1989 Three Navy SEALs advancing (Arma2)

Based on these soldiers and configuration options, I have defined for PlannedAssault's unit database the fire teams, platoon HQs, TOW teams, Bradley dismount squads, mortar and howitzer crews, full size light infantry squads, etc. for the theaters listed above.

1989 Fully packed US Marines marching (Arma2)

1991 Scouts in position with Abrams protection (Arma2)

1993 Gloved hands of Rangers about to fast-rope (Arma2)

Additionally, I've combined empty Arma2 USMC vehicles and Arma2OA army vehicles with crews from the "US Military Mod (80s, 90s)" into vehicles manned by a crew matching the theater and era. See the 2003 USMC TOW HMMWV screen shot for an example. With these properly crewed motorized and mechanized units available here in PlannedAssault's editor, creating great missions for the '80s and '90s has become easier.

1999 US Marines in (fictitious) MOUT camouflage (Arma2)

2003 USMC HMMWV TOW gunner with marines in background (Arma2)

2004 1stCav scouts dismounting from Bradley (Arma2)

Also the "AH-64 Apache Longbow" add-on, by NodUnit and Franze, betters the BI original models with detail and configuration options. For their AH-64D block II Apache, I've made available "anti-tank", "covering" and "escort" variants, either normal or long-range (fuel tank), with the laser-guided or fire-and-forget Hellfire missiles.

Extensive detail on the AH-64D block II model (Arma2)

AH-64D w long range tank firing another Hellfire (Arma2)

Extensive damage in detail for a downed AH-64D (Arma2)




2011-04-07 Long-range gunship close air support, 2K12 / 1S91 SAM batteries, RAF Harriers and ACE2 for OA extra units Zoom

With these update, gunships start offering close air support (CAS) from a distance, playing to their strength: long-range missile attacks. To counter this, the SA-6 'Gainful' SAM launchers (updated) have been paired with the 1S91 'Straigth Flush' fire-control radar (new mod). On top of that, the 'extra' units from ACE2 for OA have been added, and RAF Harriers.

A pair of AH-64D engaging at long-range

New gunship behavior plotted on the map

AH-64D having five Hellfires launched using the new behavior

One problem in the Arma's default AI gunship behavior is gunships attempting to close in with their target and circling on top their target's position. This exposes these gunships to small arms fire from the enemy. And it ignores the gunship's advantage resulting from their long-range guided missiles. As a result, Arma's AI gunships rarely use their guide missile arsenal but instead perform close-in 'knife-fights' with their cannons until they get shot down.

For gunships tasked with close air support (on offense or defense), PlannedAssault missions now come with a script whose purpose is to keep the gunship at a distance from its targets. The script does the following: it monitors the gunships and as soon as the gunships start engaging, the script determines an 'attack base' behind the gunships. After say 10s into an attack, it starts ordering gunships back to the attack base, after which they again are allowed to attack. This often keeps the gunships circling around the attack base and firing missile at stand-off range. As a result the gunships are more effective, and more Hellfire and Vikhr missiles are being fired.

(This script is for any Arma2 variant, but not for Arma).

A SAM battery consisting of two 2K12 'Gainfulls' and a 1S91 'Straight Flush'

SA6 2K12 'Gainful's engaging

Royal Air Force Harrier

On the OPFOR side, a SAM battery is available for use in missions, based on the updated SA6 2K12 Kub add-on and the new 1S91 Fire control radar add-on. The fire control radar detects and paints targets for the corresponding Kub missile launchers. These batteries are available for Russian forces only, Arma2 and Arma2:CO.

BLUFOR air forces have expanded with a RAF Harrier from the the RAF Harrier add-on.

ACE for OA extra Russian infantry in desert camo

ACE for OA 'whiskey' Cobra in woodland camo

ACE for OA extra US Army units

The 'extra' units from ACE2 for Operation Arrowhead have been added to the unit database: for the US Army, this means woodland camouflaged trucks and Stryker IFVs, and new M1 Abrams tank variants.

The new ACEX US Navy units include USMC marines in desert MARPAT camo, M1 Abrams variants, and AH-1 Whiskey and Zulu Cobra gunships, some also in woodland camo.

The ACEX RU units now support consist of desert camo infantry, Shilka and truck mounted ZU-23 anti-air units, older equipment such as Ural trucks, BMP-2s, BRMD-2s, and BTR-70s, T-72s. Also covered are the VDV BMD-1s and BMD-2s and T-90As. With ACEX RU also numerous aircraft (in grey and sometimes desert camo) have been added: L-39 Albatros, Su-27S Flanker-Bs, Su-30 Flanker-Cs, and Su-34 Fullbacks.


Please remember that you can run your PlannedAssault missions using ACEX (or other AI mods) without having to explicitly select these mods during mission editing. It's PlannedAssault's policy to use vanilla behavior when possible and be compatible with as many mods as is practically feasible: ACE, Mando's missiles, ....


A final note: the teething problems (causing a previous update) have been addressed fully. I'm now looking back on a stretch of 30 days without any mission planner crashes or memory overruns.