2012-11-10 IslaDuala terrain, Takistani militia, - guerrillas, PMC and updated Dutch Armed Forces Zoom

In PlannedAssault's terrain database, the Isla Duala terrain has been updated to reflect the latest revision of the island. IceBreakr, in version 1.95 of his island, expanded Bolabongo city with a new suburb (Dendala) and additional roads. The island offers a detailed and varied taste of Africa. All screen shots of this update except the last two have been captured at Isla Duala.

Dendala district's skyline (Arma2)

Dendala suburbs, a new addition to Isla Duala (Arma2)

Takistani militia advancing in BTR-40s (Arma2)

Takistani militia in urban combat (Arma2)

A SPG-9 manned by an AI Takistani Militia crew (Arma2)

PMC personnel dismounting from their SUVs (Arma2)

PMC forces landing with a Ka-60 (Arma2)

Dutch 'luchtmobiel' air assault forces being inserted (Arma2)

Dutch MRAT team with Spike ATGM and spare missiles (Arma2)

With help (again) from Pachira, we've added the following factions to the unit database (for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO): Takistani Militia (OPFOR, fighting alongside the Takistani Army), Takistani Guerrilla forces (BLUFOR insurgents) and Ion Inc. private military company (PMC, both as BLUFOR and OPFOR - they're contractors after all).

In addition, the unit database has been extended with new units from the Dutch Armed Forces mod. In particular, the 'luchtmobiele brigade' (air manoeuvre brigade) and ATGM assistants carrying spare Spike missiles.


2010-07-22 New Wave of British Heavy Metal Zoom

The UK Armed Forces have gained a foothold in the PlannedAssault unit database for Arma2. Available for you to lead into your battle are the Challenger 2, '3 Rifle' infantry, EWMIKs, TUMs, JACKALs, FV432s, WAH-64Ds, Lynxs, and Typhoons. In addition to "just offering" units for these mods, PlannedAssault adds the following:

  • all infantry vehicles are given a crew from '3 Rifle' soldiers. This is done by spawning empty vehicles and corresponding '3 Rifle' soldiers who will man the vehicles upon mission start (implemented using a scripted waypoint). Crewed vehicles are still able to transport other units.
  • manned artillery units have been added. Since the British L118 light gun formed the basis for the US M119 howitzer, and the L16 81mm mortar formed the basis for the US M252 mortar, I've composed L118 and L16 artillery units, again manned by '3 Rifle' crew.

Below you'll find some footage captured from two generated missions:

Challenger 2 platoon engaging targets

L118 light gun manned by 3 Rifle in MTP camo

UK LandRover EWMIK with 3 Rifle crew

UK combined arms

JACKAL with 3 Rifle crew

RAF Typhoon engaging ground targets

Minor news: Isla-Duala terrain have been updated to 1.8.1. Memory limits for the planner processes have been increased to reduce planner aborts.



2010-07-06 Isla-Duala 1.7 and bug fixes Zoom

Small update: updated terrain and map graphics for Isla-Duala 1.7. Fixed several bugs in the mission planner causing "planner error" messages.



2010-02-10 Arma II mods: Mando Missile initialization added, IslaDuala terrain updated to 1.3 Zoom

PlannedAssault's Arma II mod database has been updated with Mandoble's 'Mando Missile ArmA for A2'. Furthermore, mission planning for IslaDuala is now done based on the IslaDuala 1.3 terrain.


Supporting Mando Missile is as easy as placing a few modules in the editor or, alternatively, calling three functions from init.sqf. The latter option coincides with per-mod init commands supported in PlannedAssaults data model, and has been chosen. To enjoy Mando Missile behavior in your mission, simply select the mod in the mod selection screen.

Mando Missile init in PlannedAssault mission

Mando Missile init.sqf initialization in PlannedAssault's mod database