2011-11-19 PlannedAssault maintenance completed Zoom

The scheduled maintenance has been completed. From today, planning times should be reduced with 60% (on average, even more for complex missions) compared to the previous set-up, and queueing time should be reduced as well. Reduced planning times mean less waiting, and more head-room for me to tackle larger missions (more terrain, units and/or objectives).


Less noticeable is the decoupling of planners and terrain. From the earliest days of PlannedAssault, I used one dedicated planner per terrain area, with the planner process running 24/7 for good responsiveness. That approach had as downside poor scaling beyond 30 pairs of terrain area and planner process, since 8GB of system memory would only support so many planner processes.

From today, the planner processes and terrain have been decoupled, enabling me to support an arbitrary number of terrain areas.

Thanks for your patience,



2011-11-18 PlannedAssault unavailable on Nov 19, 2011 because of planned maintenance Zoom

On Saturday, November 19, we'll perform scheduled maintenance. We'll be upgrading the software stack supporting the mission planning and mission generation, with the purposes of handling more terrain and speed up mission planning. The maintenance will last approximately eight hours. During this period, the site will be unavailable.

Multiple squads being air inserted with fast-roping

Old mission planning architecture

Contempary Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiere advancing with Marder 2's

Thanks for your understanding,



2010-04-20 Server robustness, MRAPs, SAMS and T-72/BA's Zoom

Server responsiveness is snappy again, and I've added facilities to shoot down and restart any mission generator process exceeding its memory budget. Next is the memory upgrade, for which the server will be offline from 21:00UTC to 22:00UTC on Thursday April 22.


SA6 Kub SAM launcher hidden in the city

T-72BA tanks #105 and #106

I've also added more robustness and abilities to shoot down to the Arma II unit database:

  • namman2's Cayman and MaxxPro MRAP mine-resistant armored personnel carriers for USMC
  • SuperRat / Scar's 2k12 SA6 Kub 'Gainful' SAM launcher for Russia
  • Dractyum's T-72B/BA armor pack for Russia

Dractyum's T-72s by default come with random 3-digit unit designations. I've taken a look at the mechanism and created a script to set specific unit designations. This script will be used and included automatically with PlannedAssault generated missions involving Dractyum's T-72 tanks.


In a next update, I'll offer some tricks and tips to set-up interesting battles with PlannedAssault.



2010-04-16 Sign-up confirmation emails and server load Zoom

At this time, it seems HotMail and MSN aren't accepting confirmation emails from PlannedAssault. I cannot do anything about that from this side, so please use another email account to sign-up. People have been successful signing up with their gmail and yahoo accounts.


Access problems for people that successfully activated their account on Thursday April 15 have been resolved earlier this evening (CET).


Server responsiveness and stability has highest priority. I've already ordered additional memory. Now, I'm figuring out what makes a mission generator process (there are a handful of them) go bezerk and consume all of the server's memory.


You can help me improving stability by simply loading the system: generate more missions! Just don't forget to download and play them.