2012-09-02 MCAGCC Twentynine Palms map added (Arma2CO) Zoom

Upon request of Phaeden, creator of the newly released MCAGCC Twentynine Palms map, I've added two areas for your mission generation purposes. The MCAGCC map is closely modeled after the original Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, and the map fittingly is optimized for large viewing distances and aerial combat.

Dawn breaks with the roar of a Hornet (Arma2)

MCAGCC Pullerville defenders are prepared for hostile aircraft (Arma2)

Marines approaching the MOUT1 town (Arma2)

Inserting Marines under air cover (Arma2)

Panorama of MCAGCC's Pullerville area (Arma2)

F/A-18Fs engaging ground targets at MCAGCC (Arma2)


The 'MOUT' area represents one of the MOUT villages in the rolling hills southeast of the MCAGCC. The 'Pullerville' area represents another village situated in a large valley amidst mountains.