2012-12-06 Simplified add-on selection, SOAR(A) MH47-E Chinooks, RG-31 Nyala and more Takistan terrain Zoom

PlannedAssault's add-on database has grown over the past years to include more and more squads, platoons, and maps. Because of this large database, PlannedAssault is more likely to create missions involving your favorite units.

The large database also has a downside: to generate a mission, you are first asked to select a few add-ons from a long list (over 140 add-ons for Arma2:CO). This can be daunting and it's not always easy to find a specific add-on. To address this problem, I've reworked the add-on selection screen.

Old, long and poorly structured list to select add-ons from

New structured and collapsible add-on selection screen

Delta Force ingressing on MH-47E's ramp (Arma2)

The new selection screen splits the add-ons in three sections: add-ons offering units, add-ons offering worlds, and optional add-ons offering miscellaneous things such as camera scripts and camouflage net systems. Each of the sections can be expanded or collapsed.

The units section has been subdivided in two or more themes, which also can be expanded or collapsed. In all cases, the 'official' BLUFOR and OPFOR forces will be shown as two themes. For games with large numbers of add-ons, additional themes are shown, such as modern BLUFOR community add-ons, cold war Warsaw Pact forces add-ons, rotary-wing aircraft add-ons etc.

In case an add-on is listed multiple times (in more than one theme), the corresponding check-boxes are synchronized: one click selects or deselects all of them, reducing confusion.

Delta Force air landing (Arma2)

Nightly fast-rope from MH-47E (Arma2)

A pair of MH-47Es sneaking into town at night (Arma2)

With the add-on selection screen improved, you should have little problem finding the following newly supported Arma2:CO add-ons: Konyo's MH-47E Chinook, and ExplosiveAids & Stiltman's RG-31 Nyala mine protected personnel carrier vehicle (under .

The MH-47E is a special operations variant of the Chinook. I've added 'standard' and 'fast-rope' MH-47 units, as single helicopter and as twin helicopter sections. The 'standard' MH-47E units will insert their cargo by landing, whereas the 'fast-rope' MH-47E units will automatically fast-rope their cargo (as the screen shots illustrate).

US Army driver in RG-31Mk5 Nyala (Arma2)

RG-31 Nyalas and infantry forming up on reverse slope (Arma2)

RG-31Mk5 Nyala on mountainous terrain (Arma2)

Also the RG-31 Nyala are being offered in two variants: the default USMC RG-31s, with USMC designations at the back and USMC crews. And I've defined US Army variants (starting out as empty vehicles, with US Army grunts in ACU instructed to man driver and gunner positions) with proper US Army designations. Just drag and drop the US Army RG-31 platoon on the map, and the PlannedAssault generated mission will take care of the details. The screen shots shown above result from such a mission.

In addition, more of Arma2:OA's Takistan is now available for mission generation. New is the Sakhe region which consists of high, barren mountains separated by a few valleys, with small villages in some of the valleys. The Sakhe regions is suited for infantry and air mobile operations, while most vehicles struggle to make it out of the valley.


2010-08-10 Swedish Armed Forces and Takistan's Chak-Chak area Zoom

This week's additions consist of the Swedish Forces Mod Team's "Swedish Forces Pack" and an additional battlefield in Takistan, both available for Arma2:OA and and Arma2:CO.

The Swedish Forces Pack (SFP) involves a really extensive set of units ranging from infantry in M90 'splinter' woodland, desert and winter camouflage, the R32GM Galten patrol vehicle, the Sisu APCs, the CV90 family of tracked armored IFVs, air-defense vehicles and mobile mortar systems, to the Swedish Leopard 2 main battle tank variants. The air is covered by the JAS39 Gripen and Swedish Hercules fixed-wing aircraft are supported by Swedish NH90 and Augusta variants.

PlannedAssault supports the majority of these units, with the following exceptions: the Grkpbv 120 CV90 mortar system is treated as static artillery, the transport aircraft and ships are not useful until I've added the ability generate 'air assault' and amphibious missions, and the crew served weapon such as the RBS 56 (BILL 2) are ignored because the Arma2 AI cannot move them autonomously. Nevertheless, there's plenty of fun to be had, as can be seen below.

Swedish mechanized units on a dawn operation

Swedish infantry mounting a Ptgb 6 Tksp 4x4 truck

All of the above screenshots were captured in the Chak-Chak area of Takistan, one of the few areas in Takistan suitable for large mobile formations. For that purpose, I've added the area to Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO map options.

New versions: front-end 1.33, planner 1.15.



2010-07-27 Takistan's Feruz-Abad area added Zoom

Takistan's Feruz-Abad area is now available for mission generation. The Feruz-Abad area is hillier than the Nagara Oilfields area and restricts vehicle movement to the shallower hills and valleys. The area is best suited to infantry units and less suited to large armored formations.

I've updated the terrain representation for Takistan (and for other Arma2 / Arma2 OA worlds) to make the planner better avoid steep hills in planning its maneuvers. As a result, maneuvers shouldn't cover terrain that is too complicated to traverse for the Arma's AI.


In addition, there's a problem I myself cannot avoid. For the time being, the Arma:OA AI has troubles moving around large rock objects. For example, the AI might get stuck trying to pass the road side rocks north of Falar. I've filed a bug report for this problem at dev-heaven's Arma2 community issue tracker. You might want to check that bug for progress and availability of a solution in a beta version if you run into the same problems.

M1A2 TUSK and SF HMWWV move up

US Army soldier on the run in Falar

Army fire team and SF HMWWV advancing together

Web front-end and planner have been updated to versions 1.31 and 1.14. Problems with incorrect class names for the M1A2 Tusk and BTR-90 also have been fixed.



2010-07-14 Welcome to Takistan's Nagara Oilfields Zoom

PlannedAssault expands its service with support for Arma2's expansion pack 'Operation Arrowhead'! As a first step, the stand-alone game variant is covered with a single battlefield (Takistan's Nagara Oilfields area), and with US, Takistani and Czech Republic army units.

Takistani mortar team

Takistan's Nagara Oilfields area

Czech HMMWVs and infantry advance together

I'm aiming to cover new 'Arrowhead' maps, and support the 'Combined Operations' combination. Before doing so, I'd like to improve the maneuver planning for steep terrain (as in Takistan). Steep terrain is a problem when the planner first generates maneuvers that don't avoid steep terrain and the Arma2 AI then decides to climb hills it cannot climb. The result, units getting stuck on hills and a mission that doesn't develop, is something I'd like to prevent.


Web front-end and planner have been updated to versions 1.29 and 1.12 respectively. The planner also received a couple fixes for several mission planning failures.