2012-03-18 Take On Helicopters (+ Hinds DLC) support Zoom

This update presents the first step in supporting the Take On Helicopters (TKOH) game, which has been turned a bit into a helicopter combat simulator with the recent Hinds DLC.

Myself, I'm not much of a pilot, but I'm an OK gunner. And with PlannedAssault, I'm able to create the close-air-support or air insert missions involving numerous friendly and hostile forces which are fun to "fly" as a Weapon Systems Officer.

Performing WSO duty in a Mi-24V (TKOH)

Hind cannon fodder? Multiple Abrams platoons advancing (TKOH)

AI pilots inserting two US Army squads into a hostile town (TKOH)

In TKOH, the Hinds are beautiful, the clouds look fantastic, and the helicopter pilot AI has improved from Arma2 with the pilot doing a better job aligning the Hind's nose with the target. On the other hand, the terrain is lacks the detail and refinement of Arma2's terrain (coarser elevation, absence of AI road network, fake water). In addition, there are few ground combat units available, and some lack weapons (US AT specialist), or are unable to fire (all artillery, the ZSU-23 AA truck).


The two types of missions most fun to create in TKOH are:

- close-air-support, support a weak attacker against a mechanized force defending a position

- air insertions, delivering troops at a designated landing zone, possibly under fire from hostile forces.

When flying a the lead pilot, feel free to ignore the detailed waypoints (these are for the AI); just make sure the you insert the infantry at the designated LZ. (If you're new to PlannedAssault, please check this video for a better understanding of the mission generator and its capabilities).


For the AI pilots, I'm using again some custom behavior to have the gunships not loiter above the target but fly loops to and from the target. See this news update for more information.

Engaging an M1A2 Abrams with S-8T tandem head 'dumb' rockets (TKOH)

Shapur town, in a pancake flat valley in the South-Asia map (TKOH)

Czech Hinds under fire just before inserting infantry (TKOH)

For TKOH mission generation are initially supported: the TKOH default OPFOR and US Army helicopters, OPFOR and Czech Hinds and all ground units, on one piece of terrain for now: Shapur town in a flat valley (8x6km).


Have a good flight!