2011-04-25 Air assault tutorial video Zoom

I have completed and uploaded the air assault tutorial video to Youtube. This video shows the editing steps specific to air assaults (picking transport helicopters and placing units in an air cargo position slot). In addition, the video shows the highlights and dangers of the resulting air assault missions in Arma2.

Air assault tutorial intro

Explanation where to best place transport helicopters

Playing a soldier about to be inserted in enemy territory

I've been having a great time creating air assault missions and recording footage. Most missions played out differently every time I started them. Sometimes I lost close air support (CAS) quickly, and had to land without the enemy being suppressed. In other missions, I lost part of my flight and some of the friendly troops remained in place, so I had fewer men than planned to assault the objective.

And occasionally, everything went to plan. I love it when a plan comes together!



2010-09-18 New video: Troop transport Zoom

To better explain the battlefield troop transport, I've created a 5 minute video demonstrating multiple pickups and riding on top of vehicles (via the RHS's cargo system).

The video is created from a single mission and recorded in one single take. I'm really happy how much I felt part of a large meaningful attack on the town of Nur (as opposed to getting involved in some randomly generated small engagement).

Youtube video explaining Battlefield Troop Transport

PlannedAssault generates these missions for you to play or, if you're skilled with Arma2's mission editor and mission file, for you to build on. To support you with the latter activity, the generated missions come with comments in the mission file and script files, explaining the purpose of waypoints and triggers / sensors.


The mission shown in the video is available for download here.


2010-04-13 New Trailer Explaining Arma 2 Mission Definition and In-Game Features Zoom

A new Youtube movie is available illustrating PlannedAssault web based mission definition and the corresponding in-game features.


While preparing the movie, several bugs were fixed, and new mods and units have been added. See the list after the movie and screenshots for more info.


trailer intro

ten steps to create a mission

positioning units and objectives


example of a two formation attack

mission defined transport of infantry

AA unit protecting attacking formation


customized units in the unit database

PlannedAssault summary

movie small print

Mods and units added:

  • ACEX US Army units, with custom US Army artillery units (as shown in the trailer)
  • CH Abrams M1 Abrams US Army and USMC tanks
  • Southy's F-15C/E Eagle fighters


Bugs/issues solved:
  • artillery mission scripts robust against leader dieing on initialization
  • Arma 2 artillery module initializating a combination of empty guns and a separate gun crew group (A2 artillery module assumes leader and gun both present at mission start)
  • player as gunner role for single vehicle groups
  • defensive behavior redesigned to use guard waypoints and triggers for more aggressive behavior


The planner and website have been upgraded to versions 1.08 and 1.21 respectively.

2009-05-28 Tutorial available on Youtube Zoom
Curious what PlannedAssault is? This Youtube video demonstrates how to create a mission in 5 minutes.

I recommend watching the HD version, because it makes reading the details on the screen easier. Have fun!