2012-03-01 RUBE's 'weather machine', AI firing the Stryker M1129 MCV-B Mortar Carrier's 120mm mortar, and CWR2's Malden (Arma2*) Zoom

"When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before the night." Weather lore may become handy in Arma2 when using the RUBE weather module. Using the date, time and climate model as input, this weather module generates matching yet varying weather, and expresses that as clouds, winds, fog, ground fog and color. You can see the effect in the images below.


I've made a few changes to PlannedAssault to provide input to RUBE weather module. Every map is now associated with a meteorological region (for example, "Kandahar, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Asia"), which is translated to the best matching RUBE weather module's season modules at mission start time, if you've selected the RUBE weather module. From this and the mission start conditions (date, time, %overcast and %fog), the RUBE weather module determines the weather.

January morning weather (Prague climate model) at Malden (Arma2)

July morning weather (Prague climate model) at Malden (Arma2)

July evening weather (Prague climate model) at Malden (Arma2)

The second part of today's update also involves scripting: I've added a ballistics table for the 120mm mortar in the Stryker M1129 MCV-B mortar carrier vehicles which are part of the Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO base game. This ballistics table now comes with every mission using the Arma2:OA US Army units, and finally enables the AI to fire artillery missions from the MCV-B vehicles. These 120mm mortars pack quite a bunch, and are able deliver fire from up close to 5km away.

M1129 MCV-B mortar section firing their 120mm mortars (Arma2)

Dynamic wind (stronger at altitude) in RUBE's Weather system (Arma2)

CWR2's Malden island being fought over by US Army

This update adds the Malden map from CWR2 add-on for mission planning.



2011-10-12 Fast-roping for additional helicopters, and dynamic wind strength and direction Zoom

This update brings support for Norrin's updated fast-roping module (v0.8), which expands the use of fast-roping to additional helicopters such as the Chinook, Blackhawk and Little Bird. For Arma:CO, I've added fast-roping heli units for the US Army (Blackhawk, Little Bird, Chinook), UK Armed Forces (Chinook), Australian Defense Force (AAW's SA-70) and the Army of the Czech Republic (Mi-35).

Australian infantry descends from a SA-70 Blackhawk

Mi-35 Hind inserting Czech infantry

Strong wind manifests itself in the smoke plumes

In addition, I've added random wind strength and direction to the ArmaII weather module, adding bit more variety to missions. Strong winds add 'drama' to smoke plumes.