2013-08-15 More modern French units (OFrP), and all News labeled Zoom

I just hit a new record, having defined 419 different teams, sections, platoons for a single mod (Operation Frenchpoint, abbreviated OFrP). With their update version 3.2, OFrP again introduced dozens of special and unique units that make great Arma2 missions, with camouflage variants to match virtually any theater.

Leclerc and French rifle man in a hot zone (Arma2)

French infantry providing combat aid (Arma2)

French ghillie topped sniper/spotter pair (Arma2)

Few add-ons pack more artillery than OFrP, with their LFI 51mm 'equipe feu' mortar (50m-500m), the LLR 81mm (0.1km-3.7km), the heavy RT-61 120mm mortar (1.4km-7.8km) and the CAESAR mobile gun system (4.1km-9.0km). All supported for PlannedAssault missions.

Special forces are available as part of the army (Armee de Terre), such as the COS (CE and Daguet camo), the 13RDP long-range reconnaissance) and as part of the air force (Armee de l'Air), as the CPA10 paratroopers. OFrP also brings several snipers, both in full ghillie and in ghillie tops.

The screen shots show what OFrP's units can do for your PlannedAssault mission.

Two French LRRPs from the 13RDP (Arma2)

CAESAR battery lit up by their own fire (Arma2)

French RT-61 120mm mortar team (Arma2)

Today's second improvement consists of all news entries being labeled. The labels underneath each news entry enable you to quickly find related news entries, for hints and tips, popular 'islands', examples of cool (scripted) unit configurations or tactical improvements to the mission planner.

A 'tag cloud' of all labels is available here.

Two naval Rafale M's flying over Tropica (Arma2)

VBLs and Leclercs in desert camo (Arma2)

Dutch air force C-130H dropping parachutists (Arma2)

On a final note, I've also updated the unit database to version 3.0beta of the Dutch Armed Forces mod. Although very few new units were added, the unit database again reflect the add-on's latest class names.





2013-07-15 Web UI changes, Planning in Games workshop slides Zoom

This update introduces a small change to the web UI. The "Continue" button which allows you to advance to the next screen when editing a mission has been moved from the bottom of the screen to a tab on the side. For tall screens, two new "Continue" tabs are shown, reducing the amount of mouse movement required.

Old 'continue' button placement

New 'continue' button placement

Title slide from Planning in Games 2013 workshop, Rome

My slides from the 'Planning in Games' workshop invited talk are available here and discuss PlannedAssault's design. The workshop was part of the 2013 International Conference on Automated Planning Systems (ICAPS), took place in Rome, Italy, and was great fun.

Prior failures and rejected ideas slide

Dealing with combinatorics in attack planning slide

Planner performance slice: handling larger number of units nicely




2012-12-06 Simplified add-on selection, SOAR(A) MH47-E Chinooks, RG-31 Nyala and more Takistan terrain Zoom

PlannedAssault's add-on database has grown over the past years to include more and more squads, platoons, and maps. Because of this large database, PlannedAssault is more likely to create missions involving your favorite units.

The large database also has a downside: to generate a mission, you are first asked to select a few add-ons from a long list (over 140 add-ons for Arma2:CO). This can be daunting and it's not always easy to find a specific add-on. To address this problem, I've reworked the add-on selection screen.

Old, long and poorly structured list to select add-ons from

New structured and collapsible add-on selection screen

Delta Force ingressing on MH-47E's ramp (Arma2)

The new selection screen splits the add-ons in three sections: add-ons offering units, add-ons offering worlds, and optional add-ons offering miscellaneous things such as camera scripts and camouflage net systems. Each of the sections can be expanded or collapsed.

The units section has been subdivided in two or more themes, which also can be expanded or collapsed. In all cases, the 'official' BLUFOR and OPFOR forces will be shown as two themes. For games with large numbers of add-ons, additional themes are shown, such as modern BLUFOR community add-ons, cold war Warsaw Pact forces add-ons, rotary-wing aircraft add-ons etc.

In case an add-on is listed multiple times (in more than one theme), the corresponding check-boxes are synchronized: one click selects or deselects all of them, reducing confusion.

Delta Force air landing (Arma2)

Nightly fast-rope from MH-47E (Arma2)

A pair of MH-47Es sneaking into town at night (Arma2)

With the add-on selection screen improved, you should have little problem finding the following newly supported Arma2:CO add-ons: Konyo's MH-47E Chinook, and ExplosiveAids & Stiltman's RG-31 Nyala mine protected personnel carrier vehicle (under .

The MH-47E is a special operations variant of the Chinook. I've added 'standard' and 'fast-rope' MH-47 units, as single helicopter and as twin helicopter sections. The 'standard' MH-47E units will insert their cargo by landing, whereas the 'fast-rope' MH-47E units will automatically fast-rope their cargo (as the screen shots illustrate).

US Army driver in RG-31Mk5 Nyala (Arma2)

RG-31 Nyalas and infantry forming up on reverse slope (Arma2)

RG-31Mk5 Nyala on mountainous terrain (Arma2)

Also the RG-31 Nyala are being offered in two variants: the default USMC RG-31s, with USMC designations at the back and USMC crews. And I've defined US Army variants (starting out as empty vehicles, with US Army grunts in ACU instructed to man driver and gunner positions) with proper US Army designations. Just drag and drop the US Army RG-31 platoon on the map, and the PlannedAssault generated mission will take care of the details. The screen shots shown above result from such a mission.

In addition, more of Arma2:OA's Takistan is now available for mission generation. New is the Sakhe region which consists of high, barren mountains separated by a few valleys, with small villages in some of the valleys. The Sakhe regions is suited for infantry and air mobile operations, while most vehicles struggle to make it out of the valley.


2012-08-30 25% Larger map to position your units Zoom

To enable more precise placement of units on the map, I've switched from 640x480 pixel map graphics to 800x600 pixel map graphics. Another benefit is that the larger map shows a bit more detail of the map. The image below shows the difference.

New lay out with 800x600 map graphics (top) compared to old lay out with 640x480 map

In addition, I've tweaked the styling of the site a bit, making the it appear more consistent across the different supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer).