2011-01-03 New year, new terrain, new units Zoom

Now supported: Zargabad's city area from Operation Arrowhead (for Arma2:OA and Arma2:CO). Not only does Zargabad offer beautiful scenery, it also plays beautifully. The city offers space to maneuver, and is well understood by the game's AI.

I've made a few subtle adjustments to the mission planner to better handle city fighting: attacking forces now attempt to seize smaller objective areas, and employ narrow formations when the terrain does not offer much space.

Exa HMMWVs near Zargabad

CAAT team with crew in mixed BDU/DCU advancing to Zargabad

Zargabad city as seen by Cobra gunships

A mixed BDU/DCU crew mounting a HMMWV

LAVs and dismounts under fire

HMMWVs fighting near down town Zargabad

As part of the update, the following add-ons are now supported for A2 and A2:CO: ExplosiveAids & Stiltman's HMMWVs (for A2, A2CO) and Aeneas2020's USMC variants (reskins of Arma2's USMC in mixed BDU/DCU and DCU camo).

I've also added unit definitions for desert HMMWVs crewed by 2003 era mixed BDU/DCU camo marines (select the "USMC Variety Pack in HMMWVs" mod for A2:CO).

French air landing with Rafale air cover

French Rafale B strike fighter having already fired some missiles

Puma SA-330 'gunships'

Finally, the recent additions to Hexagon's Air and Water pack have been reflected in the unit database, with new entries for the Rafale C fighter, Rafale D strike-fighter and Puma SA-330 Pirate gunship.


The update bumps the versions for the web UI to 1.47 and for the planner to 1.55.